Climate Action mentorship Session 1-3

After a competitive application and a careful selection, we have 30 mentees out of 615 applicants for our first cohort, which will be entirely virtual.
Cohort 1 mentees are drawn from six countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia. The participants come from different fields with a demonstrated interest and prior engagement in climate action and environmental conservation activities.

Can Climate-Smart Agriculture Be A Solution to Agri-Food Systems Resilience Building and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction? An African Perspective

Executive Summary Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) is deemed a vital approach to fostering increased food production, building climate resilience, and mitigating emissions associated with farming. CSA has been adopted far and wide in Africa in response to climate variability, increased food shortage, famine, droughts and insect outbreaks. Despite its growing momentum, concerns have emerged as to…