This segment hosts blog stories that include opinions and thoughts on environment, climate change, energy, and policy. The 21st century has uncovered so many environmental problems that need to be addressed. It calls different voices, opinions, and actions to influence change. Call for climate action, and clean cooking finds ground when more people speak up and pen their opinions.

Too Much Politics; Save Mau Forest Complex

I am pro-forest conservation. Essentially, I support the eviction. However, the evicted persons should be relocated to other areas that they can call home and continue their regular activities — a place where the children will be able to continue their education.
If the forest is not protected, then we risk clearing all trees that act as windbreaks, carbon sinks and regulate climate among other functions. A forest of such a vast magnitude like Mau if deforested will turn into a desert. The springs, rivers, and lakes whose tributaries start from the forest will dry up. Underground aquifers will dry up. Water is life, without it might be the end of us.

Wind Power plant, a climate change measure inWest Texas plains

A Greener Future through Renewable Energy Sources

The effects are long-term and irreversible. Why would we want to create a world that is uninhabitable to us and our future generations? Barely a month ago there was a heatwave across Europe. A few days ago, another heatwave was reported to be responsible for several deaths in the United States of America.
Such occurrences signal serious problems ahead if we continue to go on business as usual without considering the potential consequences of our actions.


Ocean Pollution- Banning single-use Plastic Products

The World Oceans Day 2019 was celebrated on Saturday 8th June with one core aim- to stop ocean pollutions. Pollutants in the oceans end up in our bodies through food, water, and air; thus, it is time to say NO to #PlasticDiet by taking charge of our wastes.
We have reached a point where we are scared of the outcome of a dead sea. Can you imagine how it will feel, smell, and look like when you live or work close to a dead sea? By this, I mean, where there is no life in the sea; when all aquatic plants and animals are dead and rotting.