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Evict, Resettle legal Mau settlers and Save the Forest

I ask the Ministry of Environment through the Cabinet Secretary CS. Tobiko not to relent in this quest to save Mau. Do not let politicians cloud your judgement. Do not postpone this project; don’t even let it cool down. Let it be done once and for all. While still on that, consult with the relevant agencies, give people notices, affirm your stance, and act as the law directs. Leave a lasting legacy, just like the late Prof. Wangari Maathai did.

Too Much Politics; Save Mau Forest Complex

I am pro-forest conservation. Essentially, I support the eviction. However, the evicted persons should be relocated to other areas that they can call home and continue their regular activities — a place where the children will be able to continue their education.
If the forest is not protected, then we risk clearing all trees that act as windbreaks, carbon sinks and regulate climate among other functions. A forest of such a vast magnitude like Mau if deforested will turn into a desert. The springs, rivers, and lakes whose tributaries start from the forest will dry up. Underground aquifers will dry up. Water is life, without it might be the end of us.