This segment hosts blog stories that include opinions and thoughts on environment, climate change, energy, and policy. The 21st century has uncovered so many environmental problems that need to be addressed. It calls different voices, opinions, and actions to influence change. Call for climate action, and clean cooking finds ground when more people speak up and pen their opinions.

Save The Soils! Fight Climate Change!

“Humanity faces many threats, but none is greater than climate change. In damaging our climate, we are becoming the architects of our own destruction,” Prince Charles, U.K. As we struggle to meet our needs and greed, we have ended up doing many activities that not only harm the environment but also ourselves. Many plant and animal species have gone extinct due to human activity. Human activities that are harming the climate include deforestation, using fossil fuel, industrial waste pollution, destroying wetlands, soil degradation and many more.

Fishing and Climate Change: A Conversation with Fishers and Fish Traders, Bamburi Beach, Kenya

Climate change impacts on fishing are widespread and affect the social and economic activities within the coastal region.
Realising that climate change will likely be experienced in the foreseeable future, the fishermen noted that they had taken some adaptive measures. A fundamental reason is that fishing is their primary source of livelihood, and it is like a career they are unwilling to let go of despite the challenges they encounter.